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Introduction to Python & Abaqus Scripting

The introduction to scripting e-learning programme will be run over a course of 5 weeks which will consist of weekly 2 hour lectures. Each lecture will include the lecture itself, demonstrations with time for questions from the delegates. Additional workshops will be provided for the delegates to conduct in their own time with email support & mentoring available for any questions. SIMULIA Abaqus_Scripting_Subroutines.png

When: 22nd March - 19th April 09:30 - 11:30 GMT (Weekly 2 hour lectures)

Session 1: Introduction to Python language 1

               Data types


               Control flow

Session 2: Introduction to Python language 2


                Modules and namespaceSIMULIA Abaqus_Scripting.png


Session 3: Automatic pre-processing

                Presentation of the Mdb object model   (model database)

                Using the replay file

                Automation of geometry creation / material definition / meshing / analysis set up

Session 4: Automatic post-processing

                Presentation of the Odb object model (results database)

                Using a macro

                Read and write from/to the .odb file

Session 5: Graphical User Interface

                Presentation of the session object model

                Create simple plug-in with the RSG toolkit


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