Additive Manufacture Seminar

Additive Manufacture process simulation that’s driving design

The way in which we make something changes the way in which we design it. Casting, forging, stamping and injection moulding processes are all routinely simulated and this simulation is used to drive the design for manufacture process.
The news is full of stories about 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, and the word “revolution” is somewhat overused.

The truly revolutionary aspect that has probably passed many people by is that the technology has moved on from small rabbit figurines towards real robust parts for challenging engineering applications.
There are many technologies which have been adopted to enable 3D printing, some established, some less so.   

Who should attend:

Anyone involved in the design and production of AM components who wishes to improve the quality and reliability of the parts and their build process.


  • Thursday 18th May - Coventry, Warwickshire

Provisional programme: 

  • Introduction – SSA, SIMULIA and other

  • Where we are with Additive Manufacture (AM)
    process simulation

  • Simulating the AM process – physics, processes
    and rewardsAdditive_Manufacture_pic.png
    a. Physics – coupling thermal, structural and
    material addition
    b. Material definitions
    c. Capturing the process – G code translation
    into an FEA model
    d. Solutions and post processing
    e. Investigating supports and other process

  • Shape optimisation – topology and lattice

  • Questions and Answers

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Additive Manufacture

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