AlphaSTAR provides physics based solutions and software for structural modeling and the analysis of advanced materials. With its two software products GENOA and MCQ, AlphaSTAR focuses on the failure of composite structures and related innovative research that helps industry overcome critical challenges.

GENOA utilises advanced multiscale failure theories to predict the structural responses of composite materials, including polymer composite structures, hybrid composites and nano-composites under static, fatigue, impact or thermal loadings. A detailed description of the material degradation is performed at the micro-scale which can account for the material defects, residual stresses, fibre strength statistics and interface mechanics. The progressive failure response described at the macro-scale is estimated from a decomposition of the FEA solution to the laminate, lamina and micro-scale using laminate and micro-stress theories.

AlphastarAlphaSTAR’s solution also comprises tools for material characterisation and qualification: MCQ-Composites for tape, 2D/3D woven and braided materials and MCQ-Chopped for chopped fibre composites. MCQ software suite enables rapid modelling of un-notched specimens and evaluation of the properties and performance of the composite material. The software uses a mesh-less unit cell approach for assessing material behaviour, predicting laminate strength and failure mechanisms, generating design failure envelopes, parametric carpet plots and A-&B-Basis allowables. The material properties can then be used as input for a FE analysis.


Stiffened panel loaded in tension - Strong interaction between delamination (on the left) and matrix cracking (on the right)


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