GENOA from AlphaSTAR is an advanced modelling tool for composites that enhances Finite Element Analysis packages. The software offers new capabilities for modelling the complex failure mechanisms of composite materials including matrix, fibre, lamina, interface and core failure through to final failure of the laminate or sandwich composite.

GENOA includes a user friendly interface that allows for the preparation of models and running of FE analyses with any of the commonly used FE solvers such as Abaqus, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA or ANSYS. The material models based on a micromechanical approach, are also available via user subroutines for direct use within the FEA packages. Alphastar Genoa

GENOA can investigate mechanical response and material degradation of composite structures under static, low and high cycle fatigue, impact, Power Spectrum Density (PSD) and thermal loading. In addition, GENOA accounts for manufacturing defects - such as voids, fibre waviness and residual stresses; predicts the manufacturing induced shape distortion; and evaluates the influence of the defects on the performance of the component.

As part of the software, GENOA’s Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis (PFDA) provides engineers with well-established multi-scale capability to characterise impact resistance of composite structures and determine: damage foot print, energy absorbed during impact, and post-impact residual strength and stiffness in tension, compression, and shear. GENOA PFDA accurately predicts the impact and post impact behaviour of advanced composite laminates.

GENOA covers a wide range of material systems including metal, ceramic, and polymer composites and nano composites. GENOA is unique in that not only allows the analysis of  traditional 2-D tape and fabric laminates, but also 3-D weaves, braids and chopped fibre composites.

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