MCQ Composites

MCQ Composites from AlphaSTAR is a software product aimed at engineers and scientists who need to characterise composite materials, optimise material orientation and stacking sequence and evaluate the influence of manufacturing defects. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, MCQ Composites helps to quickly identify material properties and facilitates material qualification for aerospace, automotive, wind turbine, ship building and infrastructure industry applications.Alphastar MCQ Composites

Using an analytical multi-scale approach, MCQ Composites does not require finite element analysis and provides the users with an ultra rapid modelling capability that can be applied to all un-notched laminates with uniform stress state. All types of architecture including tape, 2D/3D woven and braided materials can be analysed using the physically based micro/macro mechanics formulations. MCQ can account for manufacturing defects such as voids, resin rich zones and fibre waviness and takes into consideration the effects of uncertainties in material properties due to the manufacturing process. Alphastar MCQ Composites

MCQ Composites is ideal for providing quick, simplistic, easy-to-use and inexpensive guide to material selection and comes complete with a database of properties for glass, carbon, polymers, ceramics and other material systems. It delivers accurate stiffness and strength properties that can be used as input for finite element analysis of complex structural components and Durability and Damage Tolerance (D&DT) evaluation.

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