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Automatic Stabilisation – What is it good for?

Posted by Sam Swift

I’ve found myself in discussions, at a frequency I perceive to be surprisingly often, about the intricacies of automatic stabilisation in Abaqus and whether or not it’s appropriate in certain applications. Often these discussions boil down to a ‘he said’/’she said’ discussion of misinformation and conflicting ideas, even amongst experienced users. Given my surprise at how often this is a topic of conversation, I felt it only appropriate to write a blog post about this to reach a wider audience in a hope that it will enlighten those who were unaware of the potential consequences that automatic stabilisation may unleash.

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CFMS ‘Big Breakfast Event’, 19th September 8:00 – 10:30 am

Posted by Graeme Short

Analysis consultant Graeme Short will be attending the ‘Big Breakfast Event’ at CFMS on Tuesday 19th September. If you are new to Strategic Simulation and Analysis and would like to know more about our capabilities and services, or are existing customer and would like to catch up, let me know in advance so we can make time to meet up and discuss how SSA might help you…. or just find me on the day for a chat over breakfast.

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A word about skateboarding....

Posted by Slawomir Polanski

In my life I had so many hobbies that it would be hard to count them. Skateboarding was definitely the one which I remember the most and it is still my favourite sport. It has fascinated me so much that I wrote my Bachelors Thesis about it. In this thesis, I did a computer simulation of a skater landing on a skateboard. That was especially interesting for me as I could have done an experiment on a skateboard without physically destroying it.

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Join our "Fatigue Analysis Webinar"

Posted by Sam Swift

This webinar will provide an overview of some of the capabilities within fe-safe, looking at the more general functionality within the software and showing how this fits in your current simulation process, focusing on the ease of use of the platform.

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Customer Day 2017 - Coventry Transport Museum

Posted by Laurence Marks

In the run up to our annual user day I always wonder if people are actually going to turn up. Or even sign up. But sign up and turn up they did, and in a greater number than ever before. And the really gratifying thing was that attendees ranged from the usual SSA suspects, who we’ve known and worked closely with over the years (you know who you are..), all the way to people who have yet to take the big leap into Abaqus userdom.

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Join our Advanced contact webinar

Posted by Stephanie

June’s webinar will present advanced contact modelling methods and look at the related convergence issues. It will be held on Friday 30th June 10:30 BST.

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SSA Simulation day 5th July - Coventry Transport Museum

Posted by Mel Baker

This year’s customer day will be held at the Coventry Transport Museum, who host the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles in the world, which attendees will get the chance to look around during the extended lunch break.  

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Realistic Constraints

Posted by Bob Johnson

Finite Element Analysis is widespread nowadays with all types of users having a go at a massive range of problems. Experience levels vary from very little all the way up to long-in-the-tooth users such as myself and Laurence Marks. The perception nowadays is that all the “issues” have been ironed out and that we can plug in our best data, press the button, and out comes the right result. Yes, many of the intricacies of FEA have been ironed out but there is one area, that of constraint, that still causes great concern and difficulty. Note that the so-called CAD-embedded systems (which in some cases can ONLY fully-constrain a face) “encourage” the much-simplified method of reducing all structures to that of a cantilever beam – load it this end, hold it at this end and run it. You can’t fully-constrain a face in practice so I say that the remaining “artistry” of FEA is designing a realistic constraint which enable sensible stresses comparable with reality.

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Join our Geometry Webinar

Posted by Matt Clarke

The next in the SSA series of webinars will look at importing geometry from CAD into Abaqus and associated issues with ensuring that a good quality mesh can be generated. CAD models are frequently used as the starting point for geometry creation and can be imported into Abaqus using a number of CAD specific and non-native formats. The use of different file formats for geometry import will be discussed. Often, once the geometry is imported Abaqus will present the analyst with a number of warning and errors, some of which will need to be addressed. The various toolsets available for geometry editing will be described.

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Consumer Packaging Seminar – Journey to the shelf and usage!

Posted by Neil Lynagh

Do you design packaging products for consumer goods?

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