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Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 8 – Beam Contact

Posted by Richard Cave-Penney

Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 8 – Beam contact. Everyone talks about integrating CAD and Simulation as if it is a done deal, and if the geometry is of a suitable form, in 3D, then it possibly is. 
However there are many cases where using the 3D CAD model just doesn’t work. Imagine modelling a 5km pipeline in 3D CAD never mind reviewing the FEA results.  There are many good reasons to model structures using beam elements, and this brings me to the next case in our series of contact tutorials, beam contact.babaqus contact 8.pngThis tutorial is based around a beam model of a tower which topples onto a couple of idealised objects on the floor. Although it’s a simple model it demonstrates a number of  important Abaqus capabilites:
  • The contact is defined using a single general contact command, which is quick and simple.
  • Being explicit stability isn’t an issue, no need for odd springs and fiddles to get the thing to run
  • The abaqus solver handles all the non-linearities which occur in this sort of impact scenario – plastic deformation, contact with obstactles, dynamics etc

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