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Consumer Packaging Seminar – Journey to the shelf and usage!

Posted by Neil Lynagh

Do you design packaging products for consumer goods?

Do you design production machinery that make and process packaging products for consumer goods?

If you’ve answered yes to either of the above, then you may well be interested in attending our free one day seminar focused on how simulation technology can be used to help design packaging products, such as bottles, cans, cartons, boxes, trays, blister packs, etc. as well as the machinery and processes used to make, fill and deliver these items.

Many leading packaging manufacturers are successfully using simulation technology to deliver significant benefits in terms of cost, time and quality not only for themselves, but also their clients. Being able to virtually explore and determine the performance of a packaging product during the various phases of its life - manufacture, processing/production line, transportation and usage, has allowed these companies to react quicker to market needs and changes whilst also driving and enhancing design innovation of both packaging products and processes.

Some interesting examples from the likes of Smurfitt Kappa, Coca Cola, Saint-Gobain and others on how they’ve exploited the use of simulation technology are provided in the SIMULIA Packaging e-book which you can download from our seminars registration page.

In short, this seminar will explore the ways in which simulation enables designers to virtually test new and innovative concepts to:Consumer Packaging Can Crush Simulation.png

  • Reduce design time and expensive cost of physical testing;
  • Lower material cost and improve sustainability by light-weighting;
  • Reduce damage cost during production and transport by eliminating bad designs quickly;
  • Improve confidence in quality by predicting package usage performance

To register for this free seminar and to access the eBook “Create Package Designs faster, better and cheaper with Realistic Simulation” please click on the button below.