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Join our "Buckling" webinar

Posted by Nikos Mavrodontis

September’s webinar will present the analysis types available in Abaqus, for evaluating the structural response under buckling, post buckling and collapse.

Buckling is the sudden collapse of a structural member under axial compressive loading. The importanceBuckling.png of accurately predicting buckling loads during design is paramount, since these loads are on most occasions lower than the ultimate compressive loads of the particular member. The non-linear character of this failure type, imposes a modelling and convergence challenge. Furthermore based on the physical problem at hand, there might be the need of further investigating the structural behavior at the post-buckling region. 

In this webinar, we will look at the plethora of analyses offered by Abaqus in order to investigate the full (pre and post buckling) structural behavior of members under this loading regime. Different analysis types will be demonstrated for treating the same physical problem expanding from static to dynamic and from linear to non-linear analyses. The advantages and drawbacks of each analysis type will be briefly explained. Various examples will be provided throughout the webinar.

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