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Join our Coupled Analysis Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

February’s webinar will cover an introduction to sequentially coupled analyses. It will be held on Friday 24th February.

This webinar will present various methods for transferring results between Abaqus analyses or between Abaqus and a third-party software. These methods are particularly useful to perform sequentially coupled multi-physics simulations such as thermal-structural analysis or fluid structure interaction. They can also be applied when an analysis requires the use of both solvers: Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, such as the analysis of the residual strength after impact. Coupled Analysis Abaqus

The data transferred between two Abaqus analyses can include the whole model, when using the restart option, or selected outputs such the deformed mesh, the material state with the stress and the plastic strain or the temperature. When performing an analysis with a third-party software, the results can be imported into an Abaqus analysis using predefined fields. This allows the transfer of the temperature or pressure field from a CFD analysis to perform sequentially coupled FSI analysis.

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