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Join our Standard/Explicit Webinar

Posted by Graeme Short

April’s webinar will present some thoughts on when the two solvers available in Abaqus, /Standard and /Explicit, may be most appropriate for efficient simulation.  The webinar will be held on Friday 28th April 10:30 BST standard and explicit webinar ssa

This webinar will provide an overview of the implicit and explicit solvers available within Abaqus and discuss when one solver should be used over the other.  There will then be some thoughts on when Abaqus/Explicit may be a more efficient solution for some quasi-static problems, some of the issues in using Abaqus/Explicit for static simulations and key decisions to be made when deciding between one solver over the other.  Examples will be presented to support this discussion, including the coupling of Abaqus/Standard with Abaqus/Explicit to demonstrate how the combined features of both solvers can be used simulate problems which could not be achieved with either solver alone.

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