Consumer Packaged Goods Seminar

Consumer Packaging Seminar - Journey to the shelf and usage

Simulation has been helping leading packaging manufacturers accelerate design cycles, reduce unit weights and generally enhance the end user experience for many years. As design timeframes telescope downwards and concepts become more innovative, traditional CAD based systems and linear solvers can’t deliver the results which prevent the retreat to the conventional as time runs short in development projects.

Simulation enables designers to virtually test new innovative concepts:

  • Reduces design time and expensive cost of physical testing

  • Lowers material cost and improves sustainability by light-weighting Consumer Packaging Can Crush Simulation.png

  • Reduces damage cost during production and transport by eliminating bad designs quickly

  • Improves confidence in quality by predicting package usage performance

This seminar will look at how simulation can drive efficiency in the following areas: Blow Molding, Conveying, Filling, Label Wrinkling, Casing, Palleting and Bottle Drop

Who should attend:

Anyone involved in the design and production of consumer packaging goods who wishes to improve the quality and reliability of parts, assemblies and their production.

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