Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics & Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian

Tackling Complex Fluid Structural Interaction Problems

These technologies expand the scope of Abaqus beyond the usual finite element domain, allowing, amongst other things, complex fluid structural interaction problems to be tackled. CEL combines fluid domains modelled in a traditional CFD manner with normal explicit structural elements.

CEL Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian



SPH Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics


Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics

As the name suggests SPH uses a particle approach, which can consider objects to be either fluid or solid, and these can again interact with traditional finite element models. Both approaches allow complex fluid structural interactions to be modelled, as well as high strain and other extreme events that challenge more traditional modelling techniques.

Applications include the following: Birdstrikes, hydrodynamic loadings, forming, mixing, forging, cutting, ballistics, explosions.

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