XFlow Seminar

XFlow Seminar - Wednesday 29th November - Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

XFlow is a new breed of CFD program.  Based on the Lattice Boltzman approach, the system effectively does away with the need for traditional meshing, with the obvious implications for project turn arounds.  This approach also has great advantages in the solution of problems which feature moving parts, free bodies, transients and turbulence. In short it is highly efficient, highly capable and represents the future of fluid simulation. windmill-free-hi001.png

SSA are running a try out workshop to allow anyone interested in the technology the opportunity to try XFlow for themselves.

The event will include:

  • Introduction to XFlow and its underlying technology

  • Example applications   

  • Workshop session

    • Tutorial 1: Flow over a cylinder

    • Tutorial 2: Turbo-pump

    • Tutorial 3: Vehicle Aerodynamics

Who should attend? Anyone involved in the simulation of fluid flow problems, with specific challenges involving meshing and model preparation, highly transient and turbulent flows and moving geometries.

To register for this seminar please complete the registration form or email [email protected] to secure your place.


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