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Working time pressures mean that there is often little or no time availableSIMULIA Abaqus_Webinar_Training.png to investigate and learn new analysis technologies and approaches. Our Live Webinar training program is intended to guide users through the basics of a variety of subject areas, from pressure penetration in seals, impact and the use of the explicit solver, to CFD and co-simulation. The aim is simply to provide a fast start which equips the user to tackle new problems without the time spent looking for tutorial examples or ploughing through documentation. This can then be followed up with more in depth research or more in depth training.

The Live Web Training consists of 10 Webinar presentations over a 12 month period. Each session contains up to an hour's presentation and demonstration, followed up by practical examples which are supplied and can be carried out at the delegate's site in their own time. Email support is available for the delegates carrying out these tasks after the presentation. This allows SSA’s continual learning program to be easy to participate in as well as be able to offline examples around the busy demands of your daily workload. 

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