Introduction to Scripting

Two day course

Introduction to Abaqus scripting

  • Introduction to Python language simulia Abaqus_Scripting_Subroutines.png

  • Presentation of the Abaqus object model including:

    • The Mdb object model (model database)

    • The Odb object model (results database)

  • Automatic pre-processing including:

    • Automation of geometry creation simulia Abaqus_Scripting.png

    • Automation of material / section assignments

    • Automation of meshing and node sets definition

    • Automation of analysis set up

  • Automatic post-processing including:

    • Extraction of output variables such as stress, strain in components and displacements at nodes

    • Identification of maximum stress in components

  • Read and write from/to the .cae and .odb file

  • Build simple GUI plug-ins using the Really Simple GUI framework

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