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Almost random SPH Impacts and CEL; to be honest, a filler..

Posted by Laurence Marks

Another one of those weeks which disappear on you. Kicked off with a visit to Cornbury from Al Dean, finished with a heroic drive home through conditions that would have kept Captain Lawrence Oates indoors, and didn't achieve much in between. And added to that I've had to re-schedule the webinar on advanced contact concepts because it clashes with the eagerly anticipated Dassault Systemes Value Selling Kick-off meeting in Amsterdam.

So this week's blog simply features more models from my journey along the SPH and CEL learning curves. It's really looking like this technology might get us somewhere....

SPH Impacts CEL

As I'm writing this on a Sunday morning I'm just about to head off, into the snow, for a ride on my mountain bike... I may be some time.