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Advanced Contact Webinar: Main Convergence Issues - February

Posted by Stefano Morlacchi

February’s webinar will be held on February 27th at 10:30 and will be entitled: “Advanced contact webinar: main convergence issues”.
Contact is the most common source of nonlinearities and one of the major concerns for any finite element analyst. Sudden contact changes lead to abrupt increases or reduction of the stiffness matrix of the system resulting in convergence issues, especially if an implicit solver is used. Moreover, correctly handling complex contact conditions may extremely reduce the computational costs of a finite element analysis.
In this webinar, we will have a look at the main convergence issues related to contact modelling such as initial rigid body motions, dynamic instabilities and overclosures due to inadequate geometries. For each topic, the main modelling strategies available in Abaqus will be presented. Example cases and demonstration of use will be provided throughout the webina.

Advanced Contact Webinar: Convergence Issues


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