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Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 2- Rubber Seal: Self Contact and Tie Constraints

Posted by Matt Toon

Contact is everywhere in engineering problems and it comes in all different levels of complexity. However accurate solutions to contact problems are far from everywhere. Abaqus is considered to be the best non-linear solver on the market, but many of our competitors claim that too. So to show how effective Abaqus contact solutions are we have put together a raft of tutorials. simulia abaqus contact tutorial rubber seals

Our second tutorial introduces self-contact and tie constraints (the first was blogged by Richard recently.

This highly non-linear event is driven by a self-contact interaction. General contact automatically includes this kind of interaction in the ‘All with self’ default option.

In this example, a rubber seal modelled with a hyperelastic material will undergo an axial compression loading condition enforced through tie constraints with rigid analytical surface. This kinematic constrain is very useful to simulate contact conditions where no movement is allowed between two contacting instances.

The model will be already pre-defined in terms of geometry, meshing and material properties. Your only task will be to define the interactions, tie constraints, run the analyses and post-process the data.

The full tutorial is available here to download.