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Advanced Simulation for Life Sciences- broken down in to three short specific webinars

Posted by Matt Toon

Engineers are always trying to improve things, but can we improve the human body? It’s an immensely impressive feat of engineering. Evolution improves things, so are we just keeping the maintenance side going?

Two things struck me, almost by accident, which are totally unrelated, but support the maintenance idea. My parents, who are 70ish, are always saying a friend has either had a new hip, knee, or is recovering from surgery. And at the weekend when my son was Laser tagging for his birthday with some of his friends, we had to carry an Epi-pen in case of an emergency for one of the group.

In order for companies to make the advances they strive for, they must adhere to increasing regulatory scrutiny and testing, which is very expensive and time consuming. So now more than ever simulation is a hugely important process to incorporate into their development programs. With this in mind SSA have put together a series of Life Science webinars, focusing on what is possible with Simulation, and these are broken down in to three sessions:

  • Drug delivery and Medical devices- Simulation of mechanisms, systems and assembly process.

  • SIMULIA realistic human heart model, stents and cardio.

  • Simulation in the design of prosthetic joint replacements & orthopaedic devices.

So, why should you take time to view the webinar(s)? SIMULIA and SSA have a long history in life sciences helping industry leader create and launch breakthrough innovations using Simulation tools. These webinars are a brief insight into the world of simulation.

In the three different webinars we are going to cover aspects of the technology available, regulatory compliance and examples of how Simulation is being used today.

Drug delivery and Medical devices- Simulation of mechanisms, systems and assembly processMedical_Devices_3.

The design of medical devices such as autoinjectors, inhalers and the like present engineers with many challenges. Not only do complex non-linear dynamic systems need to operate reliably and to specification, but these systems often have to integrate with the function of the human body, another famously non-linear device. We will look at the approaches you can take with Abaqus with the choices of implicit and explicit solver technologies, as well a number of approaches for multi-physics simulation give the analyst many routes to the simulations that are essential to drive product development in this challenging arena.

SIMULIA realistic human heart model, stents and cardio.  Heart

Modelling any system which has to compliment or enhance the function of the human cardiovascular system is obviously made much more effective if that system can model the biological components in a realistic manner. Abaqus is in a unique position. As the first company to release a commercial model of the human heart Dassault Systémes, is uniquely able to model biomedical components and the cardiovascular system they operate with.  History has shown Abaqus has been used extensively to develop and prove stents, heart valves, pacemaker leads and a whole range of other critical medical devices.

Simulation in the design of prosthetics joint replacement & orthopedic.

When modeling prosthetic joints and their operation, reliable and accurate calculation of contact 


stresses and wear is critical. In fact any mechanical system which needs to operate in conjunction with the human skeleton, will present serious challenges to the simulation system used to help in its design. Abaqus has a long a successful track record in the world of biomechanics.  Not simply because it has world beating contact capabilities, and can handle a wide range of material types, but because it can be scripted and configured to deliver these results in an integration framework that lets engineers and scientist investigate the effects of variability and stochastics.

These short webinars will give delegates a real insight in to what is possible with simulation and hopefully open up conversations of what Abaqus and SSA can offer. We are very unique with class beating software capability and industry experience from our technical team which you do not normally find in one place.

For more information or for a more detailed discussion please either contact us or have a browse through our website: