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Advanced Simulation for the Oil & Gas Industry 10th June

Posted by Matt Toon

June sees SSA returning to Aberdeen to hold another one of our successful Non-Linear events and practical workshops focusing on the Oil and Gas Industry. This is a free event which is being held in Westhill on June 10th with coffee and registration at 10am for a 10:20 start.

So, why should you take time out of the office and attend? The day will be aimed at engineers who have had some experience of simulation and FEA, but would like to look at extending the scope of the work they do. If you feel you are limited in your existing capability or simply want to enhance you knowledge of the technology then this event is for you.

The day will be structured into two parts, starting with a series of lecture sessions covering the essential concepts of advanced simulation.  This will also pose an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and expand on subject matters which have been covered during the lectures. The second part of the day will be a practical session, giving delegates the opportunity to solve some real world problems using Abaqus.

We have created a variety of tutorials which you can work through depending on your area of interest, which will enable you to see and experience how Abaqus can be used to solve these difficult scenarios.

Listed below are some of subject matters and tutorials that you can try and we will cover during the practical session:

  • Bolted connectors                                                                          

  • ContactAdvanced Simulation for Oil & Gas Industry

  • Buckling and Plastic Collapse

  • Sealing

  • Impact/Accident Investigation

  • Crack Propagation

  • Digital Rock Physics/Porous Flow

  • Fluid Structural Interaction

  • Thermal / Blast

  • Meshing from image data for complex material structures

At this event we will also be looking at some new subject matters such as Digital Rock Physics and Porous Flow, we are very pleased that Simpleware are joining us at this event.

Simpleware will be present their software’s compatibility with Abaqus and joint solutions for digital rock physics and reservoir simulation from image data. Materials researchers use Simpleware software to convert 3D image data into robust models suitable for a wide range of applications, from non-destructive testing to digital rock physics, composites, and many more.

This will give delegates a real insight in to what is possible with simulation as oil and gas exploration is getting ever more complicated.

If you would like to register for this event please submit your details via the registration button.

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