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Where does geometry end and material begin?  Considering the role of multiscale simulation.

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What is Non-Linear?

UK SIMULIA Symposium 2019

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CFMS 'Big Breakfast Event' 5th March 08:00 - 10:30am

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The right tool(s) for the right job: Fusing testing and simulation

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UK SIMULIA Symposium

Can I compare fe-safe to a code assessment . . .

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Best of British-UK SIMULIA Symposium 3rd July

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Solving Image-Based Modeling Challenges with Simpleware and Abaqus

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Simulation for AEC

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Watching the wheels go round

 CFMS ‘Big Breakfast Event’, 27th February 08:00 - 10:30 GMT

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New Release of Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight and Tosca

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Validation is your IP

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Online Training: Introduction to Python & Abaqus Scripting

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Automatic Stabilisation – What is it good for?

CFMS ‘Big Breakfast Event’, 19th September 8:00 – 10:30 am

A word about skateboarding....

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Customer Day 2017 - Coventry Transport Museum

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SSA Simulation day 5th July - Coventry Transport Museum

Realistic Constraints

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Consumer Packaging Seminar – Journey to the shelf and usage!

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It’s better to travel hopefully..

Anisotropy In Canmaking - Crown Technology

John Drapers last DS talk.. Understanding fe-safe and the bridge between Research and Design

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 8 – Beam Contact

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What's new in SIMULIA Abaqus 2017 Webinar

Merry Christmas - Virtual Bell Simulation!

Element deletion with general contact: Contact tutorial 7

Additive Manufacturing Simulation with SIMULIA Abaqus 2017

What's new in SIMULIA Abaqus 2017?

Post-processing analysis results within Abaqus Viewer webinar

Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 6 – Snap Fit simulation: dynamic instabilities

Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 5 – Geometric Smoothing and Contact stabilization

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Spreading the Load, an Abaqus Cluster blog

Multiscale Analysis of Composites: The Remaining Challenges...

“Meshless Methods’ Overview” webinar

‘The End of Summer Big Breakfast’ at CFMS, 20th September 08:00AM – 10:30AM Bristol & Bath Science Park

Abaqus FEA – The benchmark for solver robustness

Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 4 – Managing Overclosures: Interference fit, strain free adjust

Bottle design, virtual drop testing and building confidence and creativity in your packaging

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SIMPACK - SIMULIA’s Multi Body Dynamics elevator pitch

Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 3 – Disk Brake Friction

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 2- Rubber Seal: Self Contact and Tie Constraints

SSA Customer Day and the annual “Science in the Age of Experience” report

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 1 – Three point bending test

Additive Manufacture Seminar - Process simulation that’s driving design

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6 golden rules for building simulation models.....

Having a Blast....

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Working towards a useful answer: investigating the importance of getting the material definition right in finite element models.

Python unlocks the potential of Abaqus, optimisation and additive manufacturing. And a lot else besides…

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Abaqus SPH: A solution looking for a problem finally finds a problem and provides the solution

Things are moving on in the world of simulation

Thermal Analysis with Abaqus Webinar

Straight lines in all the right places. Lattice optimisation and how production processes, not physics, change component design.

Special purpose elements in Abaqus

Move It! The SIMPACK way!

Suitable for Beginners: why all design focused simulation isn’t about point and click.

Nonlinear Viscoelasticity in Abaqus: PRF and calibration issues

Oil and Gas Workshop 16th July

Anyone for Tennis?

Advanced Simulation for Life Sciences- broken down in to three short specific webinars

Success in Aberdeen with our Oil & Gas event and the sun was shining too!

Meshing techniques Webinar

Still not overcrowded at the bottom - the challenge of multi scale modelling, simulation and Abaqus

Big Science, Art and Illusion: The 2015 SCC

Convergence Issues Webinar

Advanced Simulation for the Oil & Gas Industry 10th June

Culture Shock - More observations on the clash between simulation and design

Isight: A parametric optimisation tool

Develop3D Live; another opportunity to talk about Simulation, FEA, Design, and why plastics make life difficult...

So just how important is mesh density in CEL studies in Abaqus??

Join our Constraints Webinar on the 27th March

Advances in Simulation Technology – Automation of Engineering Processes

High Pressure Valves, ASME 8 and the use of Elasto-plastic material models…at least its something to talk about.

Advanced Contact Webinar: Main Convergence Issues - February

Simulating Geomechanics & Fracking – a huge challenge worth tackling with FEA & Abaqus

Abaqus Industry Webinars

SSA January Webinar - Composites

How to achieve convergence in advanced contact analysis for finite element modelling?...

Model what you made… Integrating Process Simulation and Performance Simulation to build a bigger picture.

Advances in Simulation Technology – process simulation in Abaqus

You can't win anything with kids: the critical importance of management involvement in simulation.

27 years of UK RUM......

Metal Inelasticity modelling with Abaqus - SSA November webinar

Guest Blog - Richard Craven on CAE/Plug-ins

Tyre Simulation-Snow Traction

FEA Simulation of soil and pore pressure in Abaqus

Join us for the Co-Simulation Webinar

You always get back to contact…

Electromagnetics simulation and Abaqus

Quasi-static analyses with Abaqus/Explicit

All change...

Abaqus 6.14 Launch

Techno posting... FSI modelling a marine collision using Abaqus CEL.. no bouncing stuff this time..

Getting out of phase.. SCC Part 2, Whats new in Abaqus 6.14, and the NAFEMS UK Conference

Anyone who had a heart.. SCC2014 and whats new in Abaqus 6.14 Part1..

Composites with Abaqus event, and more hacking around with CEL

Hey you get off of my cloud...

X-FEM, Connectors and situations vacant… a general round-up

Friendly stresses, modelling production processes and Discrete Element Modelling

Back in Harness Part 2.. CEL and Drop Test

Back in Harness... the UK Rum and what we did last summer..

Abaqus UK Regional User Meeting

Free Non-Linear Intro Course - next week!!

First guest blog posting... Benchmarking Composites in Abaqus from Matthew Knight

Coupled Thermal and Structural Analyses using Abaqus - webinar and tutorial

How we design.. CFD and Heatsinks, the design process and moving towards Isight

Abaqus 6.13, whats new, and the roller coaster of ride of technical development. SCC 2013 - Post 2

Simulia SCC 2013 - Post 1

Mooney, Rivlin, Abaqus and the problem of the transient obsession

Modelling elastomers using Abaqus; the total lack of available data and background information

More events.. and more FSi with Abaqus and Star CCM+...

Events, Dear Boy, Events; Simulation and the design process on show

Al Dean does the improbable... Develop3DLive redefines the CAE event

New Download area on the SSA Website - Abaqus Tutorials and more

Crossing the Sales Rubicon

All change on the CFD Front.. SSA adopts STAR CCM+ for pump performance prediction and more

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Abaqus, composites and modelling material failure

Further Adventures in Fluid Structural Interaction...

Almost random SPH Impacts and CEL; to be honest, a filler..

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics - taking the plunge

Robert Hooke – English Genius

Largely untroubled by usage – Rolling out FEA to Designers

Re-imagining the art of the possible

Abaqus Explicit Webinar

Benelux RUM

Introduction to Non - linear Analysis Course in Holland

Bolted Joints in Finite Element Models - our first training webinar

More CEL

Multi-physics already..

Atomic Age reborn

So finally the blog starts