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All change...

Posted by Laurence Marks

There’s an issue with Wordpress. And that issue is that as an author you don’t have access to the list of people who subscribe to your blog. Which makes life somewhat difficult if you want to switch blogging system.  (The big downside is that if you signed up for the blog at Wordpress you’ll need to sign up again at Hubspot – sorry about that.)

SSA has switched everything to Hubspot, and that’s where we are going to host the blog from now on. And everything means that we’ve got a brand new website too. 

Although it isn’t live or visible yet a feature of the new site is the knowledge base, which is designed to be a searchable, and above all accessible archive of useful technical articles and videos.  This should go live within the next few weeks and will hopefully become a useful resource for anyone in the Abaqus community.

So where were we? The 3D Experience platform. Which was dominating my workload and outlook.


As of next week it will be all systems go on 3DXP as I prepare for our launch events next month. Watch this space for more developments as I work on the presentations…