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Anyone who had a heart.. SCC2014 and whats new in Abaqus 6.14 Part1..

Posted by Laurence Marks

So this marks a return to blogging. To be honest there have been a few distractions recently, both professionally and in other sphere's. (I've been working on an article for the Aeromodeller and that has encroached greatly on my blogging time - but I think you sometimes owe your 14 year old self.) As I write this it's some 36 hours since I last slept, but these things are better the fresher they are. So the standout technical aspect of the SCC: the Abaqus living heart - though the pixar style promotional video was perhaps a little much for a cynical brit like me. The heart is really impressive when it beats, and possibly more so that it achieves this without FSI. I'm not privy to the development plans but surely FSI has to be on the roadmap. One thing is for certain and that is that modelling the human body and medical interventions will become increasingly routine, and it can only be a matter of time before simulation becomes a core medical process as well as a business one. A really nice paper on the heart is available here..

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