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FEA Simulation of soil and pore pressure in Abaqus

Posted by Richard Cave-Penney

In a previous blog I mentioned that we would, in the near future, have a knowledge base on our website.I am pleased to say this has now gone live.

Although this will be evolving there are already a number of interesting tutorials, videos, papers, and more, for you to peruse.

One technical brief that I was keen to have on the website is something about the simulation of soil using FEA.

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Join us for the Co-Simulation Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

October's Webinar will discuss Co-Simulation and will be taking place on Friday 31st October 2014 at 10:30am.

This webinar covers an introduction to the co-simulation technique for run-time coupling of an Abaqus analysis to another Abaqus analysis or a third party analysis program.

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You always get back to contact…

Posted by Laurence Marks

I had been struggling to think of a subject for my next Develop3D article. I sat there musing on various topics which could be interesting and accessible. And got back to contact. You always get back to contact.

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Electromagnetics simulation and Abaqus

Posted by Richard Cave-Penney

Having spent a few years designing superconducting magnets, using various simulation tools, I guessI’m somewhat surprised at the lack of enquiries we have had about electromagnetic simulation, especially with rotating machinery.

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