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Convergence Issues Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

Convergence issues are common when modelling non linear problems. In previous webinars, we presented the specific convergence issues related to contact and constraints such instability problems and overconstraints.  In this webinar, we will extend the list of the possible causes that can lead to the divergence of the analysis. We will see how to identify the modelling errors and recognise when a problem is too difficult or ill-posed to be solved effectively. We will look at the causes that make Abaqus fail to converge and try to understand the most frequent warning and error messages. Finally, basic problems related to element behaviour and materials will be presented and strategies to develop models that will converge will be described.

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Advanced Simulation for the Oil & Gas Industry 10th June

Posted by Matt Toon

June sees SSA returning to Aberdeen to hold another one of our successful Non-Linear events and practical workshops focusing on the Oil and Gas Industry. This is a free event which is being held in Westhill on June 10th with coffee and registration at 10am for a 10:20 start.

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Culture Shock - More observations on the clash between simulation and design

Posted by Laurence Marks

We work on many projects at SSA. Some aim really high, and some are more mundane. And a good many represent a companies first exploration of simulation as part of the design process. And this is often a culture shock to both sides.

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