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Python unlocks the potential of Abaqus, optimisation and additive manufacturing. And a lot else besides…

Posted by Laurence Marks

“Over six years ago, in December 1989, I was looking for a "hobby" programming project that would keep me occupied during the week around Christmas. My office ... would be closed, but I had a home computer, and not much else on my hands. I decided to write an interpreter for the new scripting language I had been thinking about lately: a descendant of ABC that would appeal to Unix/C hackers. I chose Python as a working title for the project, being in a slightly irreverent mood (and a big fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus).  That is Guido van Rossum describing the creation of what is rapidly becoming one of the most important technologies in the SSA world. A world where you’d think the gui would be king.

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Join our 'Plug-ins and Add-ons for Abaqus’ Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

November’s webinar is entitled ‘Plug-ins and Add-ons for Abaqus’. It will be held on 27th November.

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Abaqus SPH: A solution looking for a problem finally finds a problem and provides the solution

Posted by Graeme Short

SPH. Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics.  Long term readers of the blog will know that it’s something that SSA has flirted with in the past.  Not exactly a solution looking for a problem, but certainly one of those technologies which looks attractive and interesting enough for an initial hack around, before more pressing and above all more traditional work items replace it in the to do list.

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