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Join our Abaqus 2016 updates webinar

Posted by Stephanie

January’s webinar is entitled ‘2016 Updates’. It will be held on 29th January.

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Working towards a useful answer: investigating the importance of getting the material definition right in finite element models.

Posted by Laurence Marks

I spend a lot of my time trying to convince the users of CAD integrated simulation tools that getting a useful, and dare I say it accurate, representation of material response is located somewhere along the critical path of any analysis project. In fact this problem isn’t limited to the lower end of the market; even some Abaqus users still cling to the forlorn hope that the limited subset of data contained on matweb will mysteriously morph into usefulness on being entered into an FEA system. (My moral high ground is somewhat eroded by my reluctance to buy a material testing machine. In the last couple of years a few have come up in local F1 closing down sales and I lost my nerve both times.)

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