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SSA Customer Day and the annual “Science in the Age of Experience” report

Posted by Laurence Marks

So it’s that time of year again. I’ve just got back from “Science in the Age of Experience” in Boston, which to you and me is the SCC. There was some good solid Abaqus content if you stayed with things until day 2 and beyond.

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Join our "Adhesive Joining" webinar

Posted by Matt Clarke

The next webinar is entitled ‘Adhesive Joining’. It will be held on Friday 27th May 10:30 AM

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus – Contact tutorial 1 – Three point bending test

Posted by Richard Cave-Penney

In order to appreciate how advanced simulation systems like Abaqus differ from more ordinary codes some fairly simple tutorials go a long way. These problems, may on the surface, look fairly simple, however they highlight some of the key reasons of why Abaqus is considered to be the best nonlinear solver around.  

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