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Join our "Introduction to Material Modelling Calibration" Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

July’s webinar will cover an introduction to material modelling calibration. It will be held on 29th July.

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SIMPACK - SIMULIA’s Multi Body Dynamics elevator pitch

Posted by Matt Toon

Since Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA brand acquired Abaqus just over a decade ago they have been strengthening the portfolio for a few years now to build and complement the brands offering. It started with Isight, TOSCA and fe-safe.

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 3 – Disk Brake Friction

Posted by Neil Lynagh

In reality, you can’t have contact without friction, whether you’re taking advantage of it (fastening, braking, heating) or you need to apply lubrication to minimise its effects (bearings, sliding surfaces), it needs to be taken into account. In the virtual world however, friction adds another level of complexity, quite often requiring highly robust solver capability for what might seem like the simplest of problems. Indeed, good practice dictates that you leave it to the end of your model building and testing process because of this.

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