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Abaqus FEA – The benchmark for solver robustness

Posted by Richard Cave-Penney

As someone who has been involved in the FEA for longer than I care to mention, suffice to say that I did my first FEA model in anger in the mid 80’s, I am surprised that the subject of solver robustness hardly comes up in conversation; except with fellow Abaqus users.

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 4 – Managing Overclosures: Interference fit, strain free adjust

Posted by Neil Lynagh

In the real world, you need to carefully consider how your assemblies fit together. Selecting the most appropriate tolerance fit (clearance, transition or interference) between components and ensuring that they stack up appropriately is paramount. Not only does it significantly contribute to the ultimate performance of your design, but also to the manufacturing and assembly processes that define how your product is produced and assembled. Hence the importance of design for manufacture (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA).

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Bottle design, virtual drop testing and building confidence and creativity in your packaging

Posted by Matt Toon

We have all heard the old adage ‘you wait an age for a bus then three turn up at once. In the world of simulation, the same thing seems to happen when we speak to potential prospects about virtual prototyping and what’s possible. It was airbags a few years back. We were asked by a few different people if could we not only simulate the inflation process, but also how it was folded up in the first place. Now it seems Drop testing is the hot topic. Not drop testing of phones or other electrical devices but plastic bottles and their contents.

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