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What's new in SIMULIA Abaqus 2017?

Posted by Laurence Marks

It’s a cliché and every software company does it.  “2017 marks the release of our best version ever”.  Or something like that.  Every year.  However, I was looking through the powerpoint presentations on what’s new in Abaqus 2017 this week, when something struck me. There really is quite a lot there. As you’d image I’m going to steer clear of US style hyperbole (somebody once shouted “way to go Laurence” in a demo I once did for some people in the US.  It threw me for a bit.)

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Post-processing analysis results within Abaqus Viewer webinar

Posted by Stephanie

November’s webinar covers post-processing analysis results within Abaqus Viewer. It will be held on Friday 25th November.

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Advanced FEA with Abaqus: Contact tutorial 6 – Snap Fit simulation: dynamic instabilities

Posted by Neil Lynagh

The humble snap-fit… a ubiquitous design feature characterised by the ease and speed with which components can be joined; usually associated with plastic products that undergo a development process emphasising Design for Assembly (DfA)! It provides an inexpensive and, much to our frustration at times, secure way of fastening parts. Getting the location and strength of the snap-fit feature correct is imperative, not only for ease of assembly, but also, for subsequent operational performance. Poor design can often result in loose assemblies, unwanted noise or vibration, and even separation when dropped (particularly for handheld products); all of which significantly affect the perceived quality of the products design.

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