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Join our Advanced contact webinar

Posted by Stephanie

June’s webinar will present advanced contact modelling methods and look at the related convergence issues. It will be held on Friday 30th June 10:30 BST.

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SSA Simulation day 5th July - Coventry Transport Museum

Posted by Mel Baker

This year’s customer day will be held at the Coventry Transport Museum, who host the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles in the world, which attendees will get the chance to look around during the extended lunch break.  

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Realistic Constraints

Posted by Bob Johnson

Finite Element Analysis is widespread nowadays with all types of users having a go at a massive range of problems. Experience levels vary from very little all the way up to long-in-the-tooth users such as myself and Laurence Marks. The perception nowadays is that all the “issues” have been ironed out and that we can plug in our best data, press the button, and out comes the right result. Yes, many of the intricacies of FEA have been ironed out but there is one area, that of constraint, that still causes great concern and difficulty. Note that the so-called CAD-embedded systems (which in some cases can ONLY fully-constrain a face) “encourage” the much-simplified method of reducing all structures to that of a cantilever beam – load it this end, hold it at this end and run it. You can’t fully-constrain a face in practice so I say that the remaining “artistry” of FEA is designing a realistic constraint which enable sensible stresses comparable with reality.

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