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Join our "Complex Dynamics" Webinar

Posted by Tamas Balogh

This month’s webinar will look at the complex dynamics capabilities of Abaqus, with a focus on workflows and tools available to simulate rotordynamic behaviour.   

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Validation is your IP

Posted by Laurence Marks

The simulation world seems to be dividing itself up into two distinct types of users. There are people who look at a design and its challenges, think about relevant simulation technologies, what they could contribute, and do the work necessary to achieve those benefits. And there are people who follow the instructions of others, without too much regard to what’s actually going on. No problem there. In many ways it’s the only way we can roll out the benefits of simulation across an engineering enterprise effectively. But the point of this blog is that the skill sets and approaches of one workflow don’t work well in the other. And that mismatch is at its most obvious when we look at validation and people’s views on it.

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