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Can I compare fe-safe to a code assessment . . .

Posted by Sam Swift

. . . or any other method that I’m more familiar with? I need to justify this to my customer/ to my boss/ for my own understanding. This is a question I’m often faced when proposing fatigue simulation as a viable option to calculating fatigue life as part of a larger project.

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Join our "Multi-Scale Modelling" Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

This month’s webinar will cover the techniques recently implemented in Abaqus for multi-scale modelling. It will take place on Friday the 29th June at 10:30am.  

Two new methods are available in Abaqus to couple analyses performed at different scales: mean field homogenisation (MFH) and FE-based Representative Volume Element (RVE). The objective is to predict the mechanical response of a structure using data from a smaller scale. These methods are particularly useful when studying complex materials or structures such as composite materials or lattice structures.

In this webinar, we will present the two methods:

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Best of British-UK SIMULIA Symposium 3rd July

Posted by Laurence Marks

That Concorde represents some form of technical high water mark isn’t really a discussion point at SSA.  There is even a lot of affection for the old thing here, and it seems to be largely undiminished by time.  Where we start to diverge in our group think is the relative roles of the UK and France in the project.  As we all know it’s a British aeroplane, with a small amount of French subcontractor input.

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