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Join our "Adhesive Joining" webinar

Posted by Matt Clarke

The next webinar is entitled ‘Adhesive Joining’. It will be held on Friday 27th May 10:30 AM

With the development of modern, high performance adhesives, the technology is increasingly being used to form structural connections in highly stressed applications. Use of adhesives now spans a wide range of engineering sectors including motorsport, construction, aerospace and rail. However, the behaviour of adhesives in a bonded joint is a complex subject and requires specialist analysis to achieve optimised results.

In this webinar we will be looking at methods for accurately simulating the performance of adhesively bonded structures using the methods abaqus Adhesive_Joining.pngavailable in Abaqus. It is frequently possible to reduce the analysis effort based on an engineering assessment of the materials involved. The starting point will therefore be to review different strategies for carrying out analyses. The webinar will then focus on the material models and element type available within Abaqus that can be used to support each analysis strategy. The availability of accurate input data is a key factor in the success of an analysis. At each stage there will be a discussion of applicable test methods for generating the required materials data.

As a result of this webinar you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the requirements for carrying out successful analysis of structures with adhesively bonded connections. You should also have an increased awareness of some of the common difficulties associated with analysing adhesively bonded joints.

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