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Join our Civil Engineering Webinar

Posted by Riccardo Masoni

In the previous webinar on civil engineering and Abaqus, we covered the basic topics in modelling buildings and infrastructures.  First we introduced the principal material models used in this field, with a focus on the Concrete Damaged Plasticity model. Structural elements – in particular beam and shell elements – have been described in detail, presenting several special applications and the construction of the model of a steel framed building. Also, a detailed description of different techniques used to model reinforced-concrete were described.  civil engineering 2

In this second part of the webinar we will focus on some specific applications. Common techniques to model pre and post tensioned tendons will be presented. Examples include a pre-stressed RC beam, a post-tensioned concrete slab and a post-tensioned reinforced concrete nuclear containment vessel.

The effects of staged construction, for example residual stresses, are important in massive concrete structures like dams.  We will use the element birth and death technique to simulate the staged construction of a dam and to compare the results of different stage construction solutions. In the same model, some basic approaches to model the interaction of a structure with the ground or with the foundations will be used.

Finally, the steel framed building example is used to briefly introduce an approach to simulate progressive collapse.