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Join our "Complex Dynamics" Webinar

Posted by Tamas Balogh

This month’s webinar will look at the complex dynamics capabilities of Abaqus, with a focus on workflows and tools available to simulate rotordynamic behaviour.   

In typical linear dynamic simulations, the structure is considered to be static and the natural frequencies are calculated assuming the mass and stiffness matrices calculated at the base state of the model are not influenced by the behaviour of the structure.  Dynamic responses may then be calculated by applying forces with damping to the structure.  complex dynamic webinar.png

In rotordynamic simulations, the natural frequencies of the structure may change due to elastic stiffening due to deformations, which are affected by the spin speed, and frequency dependent stiffnesses and damping, either in the material or at the boundaries in fluid film bearings etc.

The webinar will describe modelling considerations and workflows in Abaqus for calculating the complex dynamic response of structures, as well as plug-ins available from the Dassault Systems Knowledge Base to make post-processing of rotordynamic results efficient and visual, generating outputs which are useful for rotordynamic machine design.

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