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Join our Constraints Webinar on the 27th March

Posted by Stephanie

March's webinar will be on Friday 27th March at 10:30 GMT and will be entitled "Constraints".

Constraints allow modelling the kinematic relationship between nodes, i.e. the relationship between the degrees of freedom in the model. Various types of kinematic constraints can be defined in Abaqus between nodes, node sets and surfaces.

In this webinar, we will look at the different ways to define the connections between degrees of freedom in the model using constraints such as surface based couplings to define kinematic or distributing coupling, shell-to-solid coupling to couple the motion of a shell edge to the motion of an adjacent solid face or multi-point constraints (MPCs) that allows defining linear or nonlinear constraints between nodes.

We will also look at strategies to detect and resolve overconstraints in the model which may lead to inaccurate solutions or convergence issues when applying multiple constraints.

If you are interested in registering for this webinar please click on the below button.

Abaqus Constraints Webinar 

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