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Join our "Residual Stress" Webinar

Posted by Alex Morley

In this month’s webinar we will be covering residual stress and springback. We will look at their definition and implications on FEA, how to deal with springback efficiently in Abaqus and the transfer of residual stresses and deformed parts between Abaqus steps and solvers. Residual Stress-1

Often the forming of metallic parts involves large quasi-static deformations and multiple sources of non-linearity. Processes such as these are regularly analysed using Abaqus/Explicit. This has implications when the aim is to model the forming process and determine the final deformed shape of a component. Phenomenon such as ringing are often present and therefore determining the equilibrium position of a part is not as straight forward as it may initially seem. This webinar covers a couple of methods for overcoming this issue and also looks at how to apply service loads to your formed part, whilst either including or removing residual stresses.

When: Friday 28th June 10:30 BST