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Join our "Rigid Body and Element" Webinar

Posted by Graeme Short

In this month’s webinar we will investigate the capabilities in Abaqus for representing rigid bodies and surfaces.  This will take place on Friday 30th November at 10:30 am.

When building a structural FE model, some parts of it are of more interest than others.  It may not necessary to understand the full behaviour of parts of the model that are far from the region of interest, much stiffer than other parts, only required to provide a physical boundary to the assembly or represent parts of a kinematic mechanism.  Whatever the case, deploying rigid bodies in the model offer benefits to the simulation overall, not least in potential to reduce the model size by reducing the rigid component to the degree of freedom at its reference point.

The webinar will look at the methods for defining rigid bodies and surfaces in Abaqus, how to define connections and interactions between them and the other deformable parts of the model and show examples of when using rigid components may be appropriate and increase the efficiency of the simulation.