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Quasi-static analyses with Abaqus/Explicit

Posted by Stefano Morlacchi

September’s webinar will be held on September 26th at 10:30 and will be entitled: “Quasi-static analyses with Abaqus/Explicit”.

Abaqus has two different solvers available for structural analyses: Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit. 

Firstly we will define the main features, advantages and examples of use of both solvers. In the second part, we will show how to correctly implement a quasi-static analysis with Abaqus/Explicit.Quasi-static Analysis with Abaqus Explicit

Abaqus/Explicit has been originally designed to investigate high-speed dynamic events but it can also be employed to perform static analyses and exploit its advantages in terms of contact handling and low computational requirements.

Convergence issues with Abaqus/Standard might not be a problem anymore.

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