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Thermal Analysis with Abaqus Webinar

Posted by Stephanie

October’s webinar is entitled ‘Thermal Analysis with Abaqus’. It will be held on Friday 30th October at 10:30 GMT.

In this webinar, we will look at modelling heat transfers and their influence on the mechanical response of a structure. Various procedures are available in Abaqus to analyse problems involving thermal conduction, convection and/or radiation. The heat transfer analysis procedure can be used to model pure heat transfer problems that can be steady-state, transient, linear or non-linear.

However, the problem often involves more than the thermal phenomena and requires a multi-physics analysis. Coupled thermal/stress analysis can be used to model the dependency between the temperature and the stress. Two approaches are available: a sequentially coupled analysis can account for the influence of the temperature on the stress/displacement solution and a fully coupled analysis can be used when the thermal and the mechanical solutions affect each other strongly.


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