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UK SIMULIA Symposium

Posted by Laurence Marks

I can’t say I look forward to the SSA Customer day (or SIMULIA Symposium as we’ve renamed it) every year… There’s too much to do, too much to think about and too much to worry about.  Things like “what if nobody shows up?” As it turned out I needn’t have worried about the last point overly.

Early in the year we start looking for a venue.  We’ve done wheeled transport a couple of times, the Donnington F1 collection being a personal favourite venue, so we needed something else.  After a good deal of angst and driving round the country we settled on Aerospace Bristol, for its location, but above all to hold an event in the same building as a Concorde. It’s still something of a technical high water mark, and indisputably a thing of great beauty.  And it’s largely British. Arguably. customer day 2 customer day 2

Putting the program together was easier than I could have hoped for.  A little bit of subterfuge and we’d got our keynote. Sorry Pawel, but it wasn’t like your presentation wasn’t really well received was it?  For my whole career what seems like 50% of FEA demo’s ended with the question “does it do welds”.  I generally replied – “do you do welds?”.  Dr Sobczak certainly seems to.

Simpack is a product SSA has plans for, so Avijit from DS gave a presentation on its applications, approaches and technology.  We are looking forward to working with him, and it, as we move forward together.

Requests for presentations from the SSA user base yielded three excellent papers, with the subject of Megaknock being a new one on me.  So thanks to all the SSA customers who presented.  Your contributions really make our day.

Which brings me to the efforts of my team.  I always try to make it worth the attendees time and effort to attend.  To that end we schedule some, short, condensed, but hopefully valuable mini-training lectures.  We were a little more adventurous this year – Nikos from our Dutch JV company Simuleon presented on coupling XFlow and Abaqus, and showed a pretty impressive video of a model he’d created.  Riccardo from the Bristol office gave a very good talk on composites optimisation using Isight, and Stephanie talked about multiscale approaches for modelling composites.  Which left Matt Clarke to finish off with a talk about strategies for model automation.

But the best thing about the day?  We’d been adventurous booking a venue which would seat 90.  And amazingly, the final number of attendees (Customers, DS and SSA) was nearly 80.  The venue was only just big enough!!   I’m already looking forward to next year’s event..