Automotive Module

The SIMPACK automotive module has specific components and interfaces to enable vehicle models for a wide range of industrial applications to be created. This includes both on- and off-road vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and land machinery. Users have access to numerous elements, e.g. tires, bushings, road surfaces, etc. Using SIMPACK Solver full vehicle analyses such as handling, ride, driveline, comfort, and NVH can be performed.

The automotive module also contains standard databases of components, test scenarios and automotive suspension's based on look-up tables. There is a specific drivetrain module which includes gear pairs, belts and shaft couplings. In addition to this there are engine modules for Hydraulic Lash Adjuster, Gas Force, Dynamic Spring, Chain and journal bearings. Roller bearings are modelled using SIMPACK’s BEARINX®

Interfaces are available for a number of tyre models allowing the analyses of various different applications. The interfaces are for the TNO FM-SWIFT, TM Easy Tyre, FTire/core and CDTire. In addition to this the automotive models are used for Realtime applications (HiL, SiL, and MiL).


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