Base Module

The SIMPACK base module consists of 4 parts. SIMPACK Pre, Solver, Post and Wizard. Using SIMPACK Pre and Post. Users are able to build models from the ground up and view results in an easy-to-use interface. Using the large variety of included modeling elements (e.g. bodies, joints, forces and excitations), basic models can be generated for investigating general dynamic phenomena. Once the analysis is completed, 2D plots and 3D plots, aswell as 3D animations can be easily generated. An extensive library of Filters enables easy data processing. User defined templates allow quick report generation and comparison of results.

SIMPACK Solver enables users to carry out analyses in the time and frequency domain, even up into the acoustic range and is best described as accurate, fast and robust. SIMPACK excels at analyses encompassing extreme non-linear behavior, e.g. shock contact. For demanding applications, for example Realtime, unique and specifically designed solvers are available.

In addition to using the Pre and Post modules models can be setup using SIMPACK Wizard so that non-expert SIMPACK users can carry out company-specific standard analyses and review the results without difficulty. SIMPACK Wizard is based on standard SIMPACK model databases which can be adapted using SIMPACK Pre.

 SIMPACK Base ModuleSIMPACK Base module


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