Rail Module

SIMPACK Rail extends the functionality of the SIMPACK system to model and analyse rail-guided systems. Using standard vehicle components (wheelsets, independent wheels, profiles, suspension elements) and different wheel-rail contact methods, makes it extremely versatile and easy to model inertia-fixed and elastic tracks, including track irregularities and turnouts.

In addition to this using the SIMPACK Rail Wear module rail wear can be predicted for the railway wheels and/or rails. The amount of material removed from the wheel or rail after the simulated run is estimated by using the contact patch positions/sizes and contact forces/creepages. The user can then choose between different wear laws to create a realistic simulation.

Finally interfaces are available for 3rd Party applications for Kalker contact so that Non-elliptical contact, including adhesion and slip areas, and the pressures/frictional stresses are computed.

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SIMPACK Railway ModuleSIMPACK Railway Module

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