SIMULIA Training Courses

SSA takes training seriously. Effective training is essential for building the skill sets which allow simulation engineers to develop modelling strategies and approaches that give a competitive edge. BADGE_EPP_CERTIFIED_2018 Everyone who delivers training courses at SSA has undertakenBADGE_EPP_CERTIFIED_2019 simulation in the real world, for a living.  And as well as covering the basics contained within the various courses we can provide, they always add a wealth of useful background information.  Our training is focused on building an understanding of the essential basic concepts, and reinforcing those using relevant tutorial material.  The aim is to boost both the skills and vision necessary to drive a simulation strategy.

Whilst many successful simulation engineers have, to a greater or lesser extent been self taught, attending a training course will always provide a new viewpoint or shortcuts and faster ways of working.  And there are few better opportunities for talking through a problem with an experienced engineer than a training course.

Training at SSA is delivered by the team who also undertake support and consultancy projects.  Many of them have PhD’s in which Abaqus was a significant focus; all have years of industrial experience with numerous successful projects under their belts.  Areas in which SSA staff have a special focus are composites, material damage, impact, scripting, bonding, dynamics, fracture and fatigue and CFD.

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