The Complete Solution

This is the complete solution for Abaqus finite element modelling for product simulation. Abaqus/CAE has the tools so that you can easily create, edit, monitor, diagnose, and visualise simulations using the advanced Abaqus analyses. The intuitive, easy to use interface integrates modelling, analysis, and results visualisation in a single environment. This enables users to quickly learn the software and become highly productive. For users familiar with computer aided engineering Abaqus/CAE supports parametric modelling techniques as well as more traditional methods.

Abaqus CAE

 Abaqus CAE  


In addition to geometry, creation users can directly import CAD models for simulation, or integrate with meshes that do not have associated CAD geometry. The direct interfaces include SolidWorks, CATIA V5, and Pro/ENGINEER. These enable synchronisation of the users CAD assemblies and enable rapid model updates with no loss of the users design features.

Open Customisation Toolset

Abaqus/CAE provides an open customisation toolset to enable the user to use powerful process automations to deploy proven processes across the engineering enterprise.

Another key part of Abaqus/CAE is interpreting the results so there is a comprehensive set of visualisation options. These enable users to interpret and communicate the results of any Abaqus analysis in an efficient manner.

Abaqus CAE

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