Abaqus Computational Fluid Dynamics

Abaqus/CFD provides advanced, scalable and parallel, computational fluid dynamics for a broad range of simulations. These cover an extensive range of fluid-structural and nonlinear coupled fluid-thermal problems. This simulation software is supported within Abaqus/CAE giving the user the easy to use and efficient interface they need to perform Simulations both quickly and effectively.

Abaqus computational fluid dynamics

Abaqus CFD

Simulation Examples

Typical simulations that Abaqus/CFD can solve using incompressible flow are detailed below:

  • Both external and internal flows of complex geometry that are in steady-state or a transient condition can be simulated over a broad Reynolds number range. This also includes flow simulations induced by spatially varying distributed body forces.

  • Thermal convective simulations involving heat transfer such as natural convection. These simulations also include turbulent heat transfer over a large range of Prandtl numbers.

  • Where the simulations require a deforming mesh typically for FSI problems, where the boundary motion is relatively independent of the fluid flow, and where boundary motion induces fluid flow. This is achieved in Abaqus/CFD using an Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) description of the equations of motion, heat transfer, and turbulent transport.

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